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“Make this agony go away…

Make this pain leave me today!”

Larxene swore under her breath, and ripping off her bedsheets proceeded to swing open her door and storm out into the corridor and up the stairs.

And the males wondered why she was so pissy in the day.

Climbing the floor she swung around into another corridor and proceeded to summon her kunai and slam it into the keyhole of the door leading the room right above hers.

The electricity shorted out the lock and she kicked the door open with an enraged yell.

“DEMYX YOU LITTLE SNOT!”  She snapped, 6 more kunai at the ready as the Melodious Nocturne squeaked and nearly fell off the balcony in surprise, his precious Sitar dangled on his lap as he quickly regained balance.

The moment he saw Larxene, his face brightened with childish glee.

“Hey Larxy!  Was just trying to make a song, the lyrics aren’t sticking though, do you wanna-?”  His sentence was cut off as Larxene whipped a kunai at his face and he yelped, summoning a water clone to take the blow for him.

Of course, Demyx wasn’t at his brightest at this point of the late night.

After all…

Water + Lightning…

The clone exploded in front of his face drenching both Nobodies in a fine sheet of water.

The look in Larxene’s eyes promised murder.

Demyx sweatdropped.  

“Eh he he he…”


As a Nobody, Demyx had amazingly quick restorative abilities.

“Not quick enough.”  Demyx moaned at the breakfast table the next morning.  Like all the rooms in the Nobody base of operations, it was whitewashed, tiled, and a Martha Stewart field day.  Axel smirked and patted the Nobody companionably on the back as he munched on toast.

He had a good deal of scorch marks across his cheek and for the most part, his most damaging set of injuries was his black eye, and… unfortunately, very noticeable limp.

Even Marluxia cringed with sympathy.

And that hurt Demyx’s pride even more.  I mean, c’mon, Marluxia.

“Goddamn friggin… okay mutt this is your last- don’t you start that again!”  A voice snarled and Demyx perked from his seat at the table, his other best buddy was in.

Xigbar slammed open the kitchen door wrestling with a fuzzy brown thing in his arms looking positively harassed.  Axel raised an eyebrow.

“What the hell’s wrong with you?”  He asked dimly as Xigbar managed to pry his hand out of the wriggling thing’s mouth.

“I can’t… kill this stupid dog!”  Xigbar snapped as he finally managed to hold it away at arms length and glared ineffectively at the puppy.

“Why not?”  Axel demanded sliding off the stool and walking over, Demyx stayed happily seated where he was, it had taken forever to get comfortable on a chair…

As soon as Axel got a good look at the puppy, his expression changed from confusion to puzzlement… and possibly kindness.

Demyx swore he was hallucinating.



Brain overload… proceeding into shut down.

“Nevermind.  Why don’t you give it to Saix?  I’m sure he’ll off the little bugger.”  Axel muttered sticking his toast back into his mouth.

Now that Demyx understood.

Xigbar winced.

“Even I’m not that cruel…”  He muttered.  Axel shrugged.

“Fine by me, no skin off my nose if you don’t let Saix skin the little- AUGH!”  Xigbar’s grip on the puppy had slipped, and the young puppy had quickly corrected Axel’s “no skin off my nose” comment by chomping onto his set of attractive nostrils.

Demyx burst into laughter.

Until he realized Axel had grappled the puppy off and thrown it at him, despite the fact that one; Xigbar was laughing too, and two; Xigbar was closer.

Catching the puppy hastily with two outstretched arms, he then understood Xigbar’s indecision.

The poor thing’s eye had been cruelly scratched out, by what he couldn’t tell, by it’s anger he could tell it had been done on purpose.

His nose had been clawed on one side and was bleeding profusely, his tail had been broken at least twice and had healed sloppily, leaving it crooked, and one ear had been cut, the end edges too clean to have been chewed off or teared.

This one had been under a lot of abuse.

The dog immediately tried snipping at his face.

Demyx’s face immediately went stony as he reverted into his “Nobody” expressions.

“I’m not taking any of that.  Sit down and be quiet.”  He said sternly, his voice making the debate a moot point.  Axel blinked at the sudden sterness, Xigbar raised an eyebrow, if it had been anyone else, they might have raised more of a fuss, but his two best friends were well enough used to it by now.

The puppy blinked, then lay down in his lap looking put out.  Demyx grinned.

“See, I knew you were a happy fellow.”  He said grinning and petted the puppy on the head.  “Wow you’re scrappy, let’s feed you Xemnas!”  He said cheerfully.

Axel choked.

Xigbar who had just opened a can of soda, spewed.

“Did he just…?”  Xigbar began looking at Axel who waved it away, still choking, not even wanting to be a part of this.


“I’m here inside this shell,

Of loneliness and pain…

There’s a darkness I can’t quell…

I’m trying to still stay sane!”

“DEMYX!!”  Came the loud scream.  The Nobody winced from his balcony spot and wondered what he had done this time.

For chrissake it wasn’t even 6:00pm yet!  No way Larxene was sleeping.

His answer came when his door was slammed open, the lock once again toasted, and Larxene held up a yapping puppy by the scruff of it’s neck.

“EXPLAIN.”  She hissed.

Demyx winced and set down his Sitar gently before walking over.

“Aw he’s just a pup Larxy!”  He pleaded holding his hands out for the puppy.

“He chewed.  My.  UNDERWEAR.”  She hissed.  Demyx personally thought it should be Xemnas the puppy who should be offended, not the other way around…

“I swear if I find him in my room ONE MORE TIME…”  She warned literally throwing the puppy at Demyx who caught it with a squeak.

Summoning a kunai, she sparked it with a violent streak of lightning.

Demyx gulped and cuddled his puppy.  Xemnas cuddled against him likewise.

And with a satisfied ‘hmph’ Larxene exited.


Demyx was beat.

Missions were getting harder these days.  A lot harder.

Stumbling into the base of operations he blindly ambled to his room, his left arm in agony as it slowly healed.

Damn bastard had got him with his weapon, a Gunblade or something.

And then the spiky blond guy hadn’t helped by stabbing him in the back.

So much for Vexen helping… ass hat.  Tired and aching, he was almost to his room when he heard a strange noise, pausing by an open balcony with a clear view of the sky, he turned to see what was happening, when he stopped and drew back behind the wall, shocked.

“No, stop it… stop, okay… sit!  Heh,  not bad, here you go… no, stay sitting, argh I take it back, you’re stupid.”  Demyx blinked, pain momentarily forgotten as he grinned.

Larxene dangled the bone above Xemnas, a small shadow of a smile on her face as the dog yipped for it.  Finally she conceded and let the bone drop, Xemnas dove for it.

“Sooo…”  Demyx began stepping into the open, his smile radiating mischief.  Larxene yelped and shot to her feet.

“What are you doing here?!”  She demanded.

“Getting some fresh air.”  He fibbed and laughed.  “So… about you and the dog…”

“You saw nothing!”  Larxene snapped.

“I saw too much I think.”  Demyx teased as he walked over, his eyes on Larxene as he forced himself not to clutch his aching limb.  “So how much do you think this is worth…?”

“Demyx…”  She hissed grabbing the collar of his cloak and yanking him close to glare him down.

“Maybe… a week’s worth of mission reports?”  His grin widened.

“You blackmailing little-!”  Larxene hissed, but broke off in mid-sentence as Xemnas tackled Demyx from behind sending him crashing into her.

Lips contacted.

Pulling back quickly Demyx stared, Larxene gaped, it had only been for a fraction…

Quickly letting go of his collar she turned away, red.

Demyx could only stare.

And Xemnas sat there, bone in mouth, tail waving merrily.

“Well.”  Demyx said simply.

Larxene said nothing.

“That was…”  Demyx began, then suddenly crumpled.  Larxene spun at the sound, alarmed to find the Nobody on the ground, his face white, and contorted in agony as he clutched his arm.

“Demyx?  Demyx!”


“Poison in the bullet…”

“Will he be alright?”

“Estimation is about a week.  If he’d had a heart, he would have died from the circulation of poison due to the blood stream, as it is… he’ll be fine.  His arm will be useless for the next bit.”

“I see.”

“You’re showing an unusual amount of concern for the bratling, any particular reason why?”

“None of your business Number 6.”  

“Hm.  … what is that mutt doing in my room?”

“That ‘mutt’s’ name is Xemnas.”

“… let me guess.”

“No I didn’t name it.”

“I thought so, don’t let Superior find out about it.”

“Sure thing, can I move him?”

“I foresee no reason not to, the sooner his deplorable form is gone from my sight, the better.”

“You always were a charming one Zexy.”

“Come to think of it you’re rather deplorable too.”

He blacked out.


“This agony…

This agony…

I can’t keep out this darkness,

From deep inside of me,

The only thing that keeps it back…

Is the vengeance you can’t see!”

“Playing already.  And that was such a short reprieve.”  Larxene’s voice came airily as she opened the door, Xemnas running in and tied to her by a red leash.

Demyx grinned.

“Look, what happened on the balcony that day…”  Larxene began, looking hesitant.  Demyx smirked.

“Want to try again?”

“Dammit Number 9 I’m trying to be serious!”  She snapped.

“I was.”

A pregnant pause.

Xemnas whined protestation as Larxene shooed him out the door and shut it on him.


“Make the agony go away…

Make this pain leave me today.

I’m dying deep inside,

I’m praying to god you’ll see!

My heart has been torn wide…

Please come and save me!”

Sitting on the balcony of his room, Demyx sighed heavily…

“Larxene I’m begging you, don’t go along with Marluxia, you know what will happen if you turn on the Organization!”  Demyx begged trailing behind the Savage Nymph.  Larxene turned and sneered.

“They’re moving too slowly, Marluxia, damned as he is, might actually get me my heart back faster.”


“This pain I can’t fight,

This pain I just can’t kill,

I’m drawing back from light…

This pain is killing me!

Hit be blue, hit me hard, till these eyes of mine can’t see!

Throw me away, throw me down…

Draw your eyes from me.

Push me back, nail me up, give me that barbed crown.

It won’t work..

Won’t work…

It just won’t work!!”

“Larxene please!”  Demyx begged.  “Don’t do this!”  

“Why don’t you go and try to convince your buddy Axel and leave me alone?”  Larxene said absently as she polished a kunai.

“Because he won’t listen either.”  The Nobody said darkly.  “You’re both idiots, please don’t do this!  Don’t throw me away, I need you!”

Larxene laughed, high pitched and cruel.

“You need me?”  She repeated sneering, a bitter expression.  “We’re Nobodies Demyx, we don’t need anything.  Nor do we care, we don’t feel at all, we’re Heartless, with a human shell.  That’s all we are Demyx.”

“I love you!”  Demyx pleaded.

“We don’t love anything.”  Larxene hissed.  “Final warning Demyx, leave now or I will make you.”

Demyx didn’t move.

“… fine.”  Larxene hissed.  “Be that way!”  She snapped and threw a lightning lit kunai at him.

Demyx didn’t move, only his eyes betrayed his agony.

A yelp sounded as kunai contacted with flesh.

Scorched flesh and fur hit his nose as he stared down, stunned, and then in despair as he dropped to his knees.

“No… you stupid dog…”  Demyx whispered, his face twisted with agony as he stared at Xemnas’s prone form, having caught the kunai with his teeth.

Larxene stared, surprised.

“… stop crying.”  She hissed turning away.  “You never felt anything for it anyway…”  She muttered.  Demyx’s hollow eyes stared from the dog up to her.

“… you’re the one whose crying Larxene.”


“Pull me back!

Hold me close!

Leave your tact at home!

Throw away your veil and drown that fucking rose!”

“The report has just come in.”  Number 7, Saix said calmly at the meeting.  Demyx leaned back in his chair, not caring.

Xigbar shot him a worried glance, before it went blank and he focused back at the front.

“Number 8 has been officially considered compromised and must be disposed of.  Sora and Riku are making quick way through the traitors.”  

“Who is the latest casualty?”  Xemnas, the superior, asked boredly.

“Number 12, Larxene.”

Demyx slammed the door on his way out.


“Save me now,

I’m not ready to leave.

I’ll kill it, push it down…

Till I can rest in ease.”

Demyx sat on his windowsill, looking bored by all appearance, his Sitar in his lap as he strummed a few strings.

On the floor sat a piece of paper, neatly folded and left there like garbage.


This note was to be delivered to you by Zexion in the event of either I get my heart back… or I’ve been killed.

I never loved you.

I couldn’t, not without a heart.

It’s why I wanted one so badly.

I wanted a heart to love you truly.

Demyx, the time I had with you was the closest thing to happiness I’ve had in a while.

When this letter reaches you, I hope I can say with true, heartfelt, honesty, that I love you.


Crystal droplets fell from his face to be whisked away by the wind.

And the song lyrics were finished.

Standing beneath his room, Xigbar leaned against the wall next to the open window, his arms crossed.

Luxord who had also been given task duty to clear out Larxene’s room glanced at the Freeshooter with solemn eyes.

“Wish the kid would sing something happier.”

Xigbar snorted.

“He can’t.”


“This agony…

This agony…

This agony is killing me.”

Demyx hurtled the next stanza into the air at the top of his lungs.

“This agony…

This agony…

I’m killing this agony!!”

~ Owari ~
Well this was written way back when in the month of September for my Demyx fanclub [link] in which September was Demyx's month. (You know, the whole 9th month thing....)

So day 12 was Demyx/Larxene pairing and I figured there wouldn't be that many things put up (seing as a good majority of the population HATES Larxene...)

So here we go.

Image is not mine, pilfered once again, fits nicely, if I find who did it I will be sure to put that up...
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